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IT and Cybersecurity Roundtable

COVID-19 doesn't get us down, 2020/2021

We are thankful and proud to announce that all 3 Insa offices (Lugano/Zurich/Croatia) work full time during this hard period for all. All employees on board, with no changes apart from working from home due to the situation. All support e-mails should be sent to support@insa-software.com

Season Greetings from Insa Team

Season Greetings from Insa Team

December 2020

an article by our Marco Mazzon

RankiaPro article, December 2020

What is driving the change in Portfolio Management Software? Read an article by our Marco Mazzon on Digital Transition and need for a solid Portfolio Management System. Link to article

Lexiance partner

New Compliance partner, October 2020

We are partnering with Lexiance to provide our clients an option for building a solid compliance architecture, not only towards regulators and regulations, but essentially in full control of all legal, operational and reputational risks they have to face. With the largest range of services and a very cost effective offer, Lexiance support its clients in building and running an efficient, solid and sustainable organization, fitting the regulatory requirements, business needs and clients expectations.

IT and Cybersecurity Roundtable

The IT and Cybersecurity Leaders’ Roundtable, June 2020

Insa CEO Bernard Katic is part of the panel on Cybersecurity with IT leaders from prominent firms across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland hosted by Ortus Club . Main discussion will focus on challenges and issues, some of which will need to be processed, solved, and adapted to very quickly in order to ensure business continuity in post-covid19 era.

Lugano Insa Investment Software AG


We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office located in Lugano. The new location will strengthen Insa’s presence and offer dedicated space for meeting with our clients, partners and with our support specialists.The new office is operating also in Italian.

Lugano Insa Investment Software AG

KulenDayz, September 2019.

Our Tech team is been organizing IT conference as a chance to meet colleagues and share knowledge with new technologies. In 3 days there are more than 60 sessions, 10 workshops and much more content. This helps us to be innovative in development of Insa!

Software architecture

Windays, April 2018

Software architecture is key in developing good, stable and reliable IT system, we are lucky to have one of the best software architect among us. Bernardin Katic is sharing his experience on Windays, leading business/IT conference in Poreč- Croatia. He is participating on Technology Keynote and is additionally speaking on two technical sessions about S.O.L.I.D. software design principles, and the importance of software architecture.

F2 -Future of Fintech, November 2017

Our Bernardin Katic is a speaker at Fintech conference. providing answers to technological issues and trends in the financial sector Key point was how technology shapes the future of the financial sector.

Key points about Insa

Watch full interview made at UBS ProFIM EXPO event with our Stephan Gut!

Fin&Tech, May 2017

At Croatian Chamber of Economy at Zagreb we were called to present our MIFID2 module on their conference Fin@Tech. Key point was how technology shapes the future of the financial sector.

KulenDayz 2017

Our development team organized major Information Technology Conference in Croatia called KulenDayz. With more than 600 participants, 3 conference days and over 60 sessions we are building strong community which helps us to choose best tools to develop Insa solutions.


We have gatherd very valuable client input on our #insaConvention2017 and now we can focus on future plans for Insa!


Insa participated as one of selected leading software providers at UBS event.