Bernardin Katic

After exciting professional beginings as games developer in assembler for 8-bit processors, thesis on real-time operating system and demading developlent of expert systems. Last ten years he has dedicated to desing and developement of portfolio management systems for finantial institutions and their integration in enterprise environments. In hard-to-find free time he leads local Microsoft Community. He is awarded with Microsoft MVP award for Client Application Development and Visual C#.

Igor Horvat

Born in Osijek, Croatia, Works as development lead in Hammer d.o.o./Insa Investment Software AG for past 6 years. Has more than 11 years of programming experience, and has so far worked on numerous projects on developing and deploying applications and solutions for professional businesses. Has a rich experience on Microsoft .NET platform technologies(C#, Silverlight, WCF, Entity Framework, RIA Services, Component One .NET components...). Beside that also works on various other platforms and tools such as VB6/C++/Java/GWT/Vaadin framework/Java. FX/GXT/MSSQL Server/MySQL and other. Currently is working on development of workflow services modules that will tightly integrate with Insa core system, to help clients track and manage everyday business tasks. His free time spends mostly with family and friends, and is fitness/nutrition enthusiast.

Mario Hunjadi

Works as a senior developer in Hammer/Insa Investment Software since 2009., with previous experience as a core banking systems developer. Main areas of activity are in Microsoft .NET platform technologies(C#, Silverlight, WCF, Entity Framework, RIA Services...), Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft SQL Server. If not in the office, you can find him collecting miles on his motorcycle or on a volleyball court.

Maja Katic

Maja is a designer, web developer and creative person in Hammer. She loves to take on technological challenges, explore new ideas and make beautiful stuff. Holds a Master's degree in Information Science from the University of Osijek, and works in Hammer since 2011. She loves arts, crafts and going on adventures. In her free time you can find her reading fantasy books, playing RPG, P&P and board games.

Maja Mesko

Born on 03.05.1990. in Osijek, has master degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Maja works in Hammer since 2017 as Software Developer. She likes exploring new stuff in technology and share knowledge. In her free time she does make up for others, reading books and training her programming skills. Her favourite quote and the life guide is: I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. by Mark Twain.

Matija Lekic

Born and raised in a small town named GareŇ°nica, but moved to Osijek to study Computer Engineering. Happily married and currently finishing studies. Working in programming languages C# and Visual Basic.NET. In free time Matija plays basketball, several musical instruments and volunteer in a local church.


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